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If you and your spouse are contemplating separation/divorce, an alternative to lengthy and expensive litigation is the collaborative process. Collaborative divorce or separation is a paradigm shift from contentious, acrimonious litigation to a more respectful resolution aimed at achieving a global settlement.

**Daniel Minuk offers a 10% discount to all law enforcement officials, firefighters and Canadian Armed Forces Personnel


Kelekis Minuk Micflikier Green has proudly maintained a presence in the East Kildonan area for over 30 years. Providing quality legal services, KMMG currently has 3 lawyers supported by dedicated and highly skilled support staff.


At Kelekis Minuk Micflikier Green our goal is finding the most practical and economic solution for your specific legal needs.


Kelekis Minuk MicFlikier Green has maintained a presence in Elmwood/East Kildonan for over 30 years.

We have surpassed expectations from our clients on a steady basis, all while looking out for and taking care of our community. As we continue to make common sense out of common law.

We strive to improve our community by providing legal services.


For more information on collaborative law, please visit the website (at Collaborative Practice Manitoba) or contact one of our lawyers.



Our professional team of lawyers can handle any type of proceedings that require our advice and knowledge.

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KMMG has delivered more than expected for my divorce, and custody disputes, in a fair and sensible way, so much so, that my ex-spouse also feels it was a fair outcome.


Connecting Common Sense with the Common Law

Feel free to contact us with any questions or for any help you may require. We believe that a reasonable and efficient resolution should be available to everyone.

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